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Tips for Fishing

Fishing is a pastime that many Americans love to do.  If it is getting out onto a lake in your boat or even just inshore fishing st. augustine, going out for a day of fishing can be very relaxing and enjoyable.  One of the many reasons that people like to fish is because it is similar to hunting.  When hunting fish, you are hunting a more elusive prey then a deer or duck.  When fishing you have to really think differently and act according to the environment.  Here are some tips that you can use during your next fishing trip.

Save shredded worms

inshore fishing st. augustine

One tip that most people won’t tell you is that you want to use shredded worms.  A shredded worm will come from the fake worms and bait that you purchase.  When you use a shredded worm, you are using a piece of bait that resembles a wounded animal.  Bass, for instance will typically go for the weakest source of food they can find. 

Use red

When fishing you want to use red in your bait or other fishing attire.  Like many animals, fish are color blind or have difficulty distinguishing colors.  Red is one that really seems to be one of the colors that will gain the fishes attention.  If you want to confuse a fish and really get them to see your bait, find a way to integrate red into your efforts.

Keep your hooks sharp

It might seem like a commonsense action, and in fact I personally really didn’t even think of it until now, but one thing that you will want to do is keep your hooks sharp.  As you use your hooks, the bat is placed on them and they are used to catch fish, your hooks will become bent and dull.  What you want to do is either replace the hooks ever so often or file them with some sandpaper.  When you have a sharp hook, they will pierce the skin of your fish much easier allowing you to get more catches.